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  • What: The 5th European LLVM Meeting
  • Why: To network, learn how LLVM is used, and exchange ideas
  • When: Monday 13th – Tuesday 14th April 2015
  • Where: London, UK Goldsmiths College

Details and registration can be found at http://llvm.org/devmtg/2015-04/

Ivan Godard will be speaking on Tuesday, April 14th, from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM London time.

LLVM meets the truly alien: the Mill CPU architecture in a multi-target tool chain

The Mill is a new commercial CPU family reflecting a ground-up rethink of single-thread architecture

  • Mill has no general registers
  • Mill is SSA – in hardware
  • Mill code has two instruction streams and two program counters, one of which runs backwards
  • Mill instructions look (kinda) like six VLIWs, side-by-side
  • Mill operations are polymorphic, both for scalar width and vector length
  • x = a < 0x12345678901234567 ? F(G(b+c), e-f) : g + h; is (less than) one instruction
  • and much more

As a result, the Mill tool chain is – different. Except that it is LLVM. The retarget is not yet done, and has been – interesting. In the Chinese sense of interesting. The talk will explain how the Mill tool chain works, and why it is done that way, and where LLVM fits into it. Or doesn’t. Ranting and raving will ensue.