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This is intended as a "jumping off point" for community-contributed software, as opposed to official Millcomputing software. Please feel free to add your ideas here, preferably by starting a new page for each new one.

Folks, please remember a key groundrule: please do NOT speculate about the Mill's architecture or official tool-chain, lest doing so could cause patent problems for Millcomputing! Questions are fine, but speculation (and apparently even suggestions, except for very general ones) can mess up Millcomputing's efforts to patent their ideas. As Ivan posted in the forums (see [[1]].)

In this and all other topics, please do not speculate or suggest ideas in the public forum. We have put and are putting a great deal of work into the Mill, and would like to see some tangible reward for our work. We may already have worked out something in great detail and are just about to file the patents on it, only to have an innocent well-intentioned suggestion give enough of the idea that a patent is no longer available, or could be attacked even if granted.

Please create new wiki pages for new ideas here:

Forth for the Mill and/or Forth-like variants, better suited to the Mill

Division: Algorithms and user-submitted genAsm code