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speculable  exu stream  exu block  compute phase   operation   in the logical value domain  

native on: all

Find the first one in a bool vector and set all remaining elments to one too.

The main purpose of this operation is to facilitate vectorization of loops, while loops in particular. It allows you to treat conditions created in a SIMD as exit conditions in a loop, since the first occurrence of a true value applies to all the remaining values and would be iterations.




which then can be used in pick operations or other vector operations, yet the exit condition is preserved for all elements that would not be in the iteration anymore if it wasn't vectorized.

related operations: smearx, left, mask

smeari(op vs) → op r0

operands: like Shuffle [xn:x]

encoding: smeari(op vs)

Core In Slots Latencies
Tin E0 1
Copper E0 1
Silver E0 E1 E2 E3 1
Gold E0 1

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