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realizing  exu stream  exu block  compute phase   operation   in the unsigned integer value domain   using saturating overflow behavior  

native on: all

Half the width of an unsigned integer value. Saturating on overflow.

This is not a Speculable operation. The reason for this is the impossibility to fit all of the NaR payload into values smaller than 32bit. Nominally this would only require the narrowing of 32bit values to be not speculable, but for simplicity reasons in hardware and compiler this is not so. If narrowing should prove a big bottleneck this can be revisited.

narrowus(u op0, width width0) → u r0

operands: like Narrow [xx:½x]

Core In Slots Latencies
Tin E0
Copper E0
Silver E0 E1 E2 E3
Gold E0

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