Copper Core

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Cores: Tin Copper Silver Gold Decimal8 Decimal16 

The Copper core isn't muh bigger than Tin, but here both flow and exu slots are properly populated with functional units, so instruction level parallelism is approximately doubled in comparison. Mobile devices, low power servers or smart devices like printers are the expected primary targets.

Belt: 8  Morsel: 3bit  Scalar Width: 64bit  Operand Maximum Size: 8B  

Pipelines: 13  Retire Stations: 8  Scratchpad: 128B  

Spill Buffers: 8  Spiller Stack Size: 16MB  

iCache Line: 16B  

2 reader slots, 9bits wide   2 writer slots, 6bits wide   1 pick slots, 10bits wide   

exu slot 0, 18bits wide, with functional units: alu count mul nope shift shuffle 

exu slot 1, 16bits wide, with functional units: alu exuArgs 

flow slot 0, 15bits wide, with functional units: cache con conform control ls misc nopf 

flow slot 1, 15bits wide, with functional units: con conform control flowArgs ls 

Operation Encoding