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    Isn’t it heavy and hot?

    Ivan Godard will be giving a talk at Open Source Days 2104 in Copenhagen on November 8th, 2014.

    Attendance is free, but you MUST register in advance.


    Every architectural part of current CPUs was present in the System/360 Model 91 in 1967 – caches, out-of-order execution, large register files, byte addressing, even hexadecimal. All the advances of the last 50 years have been in the fabrication process – how CPUs get made, not how they work. Isn’t it about time to bring the architecture up to date too?

    This talk introduces the Mill CPU, a new general-purpose commercial architecture family. Internally, the Mill is single-assignment, wide-issue, statically scheduled with exposed pipeline, with a sequentially consistent virtually-cached single-address-space memory model. With – differences:

    Yes, your running program has two program counters, one of which runs backwards
    Yes, you address data based on when it was made, not where it is
    Yes, your data is never uninitialized
    Yes, you can – safely – use memory without allocating it
    Yes, your program can execute 30 or more independent MIMD instructions – every cycle
    Yes, there are no general registers
    Yes, 10x better power/performance than legacy architectures at same clock and process
    Yes, the usual security exploits are simply not possible
    And yes, you don’t have to rewrite your programs for the Mill

    The talk will explain how all this actually works on the inside.

    Ivan Godard has designed, implemented or led the teams for 11 compilers for a variety of languages and targets, an operating system, an object-oriented database, and four instruction set architectures. He participated in the revision of Algol68 and is mentioned in its Report, was on the Green team that won the Ada language competition, designed the Mary family of system implementation languages, and was founding editor of the Machine Oriented Languages Bulletin. He is a Member Emeritus of IFIPS Working Group 2.4 (Implementation languages) and was a member of the committee that produced the IEEE and ISO floating-point standard 754-2011.

    Ivan is currently CTO at Mill Computing, a startup now emerging from stealth mode. Mill Computing has developed the Mill, a clean-sheet rethink of general-purpose CPU architectures, which is the subject of this talk.

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