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  • joseph.h.garvin
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    I don’t want to take up too much of anybody’s precious time (thus the long duration between pings), but I am curious how progress is going. How is 2024 progressing for The Mill team? I miss the regular flow of new presentations 🙂

  • Art
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    We now have significant C/C++ code compiled with LLVM for a front end, with our own code generation for a back end.
    We can now run Coremark, for example, on a functional instruction set simulator of our Architecture.
    We still have optimizations to complete implementing in that code generation back end.
    I am also working on Hardware generation from our specification machinery.

    At this point all of the areas we are working on could progress much faster with money for hiring people. That was not always the case…

    Also, we could disclose a lot more if we could file patents for what we still have as internal ideas, but that requires money as well.

  • mmeyerlein
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    wow, that sounds exciting!
    that would be the first proof of whether the architecture can deliver what it promises.
    i think that many people are eagerly awaiting the first results of a coremark and how they will evolve over the course of the development cycles

    i am very impressed that after such a long time there will be life on the outside again.
    i am very excited!

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