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  • NarrateurDuChaos
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    I’m really interested in knowing how the Mill project is progressing, but the process so far is opaque. So I thought I’d ask some progress-related questions!

    – What do you hope to complete before 2023?
    – Are there any milestones you hope to complete that would warrant a public announcement?
    – When do you think a simulator will be available for testing? (Six months? A year? Five years?)
    – When do you think a first FPGA implementation will be completed?

    Hope you all make lots of progress this year!

  • Ivan Godard
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    By far the most important thing in 2023 will be our conversion from a bootstrap to a conventional company with paid salaries. We have hit the limit in what can be done in our current structure, so we expect to seek our next funding round, or affiliation with another company, as negotiated and the investment market permits. The answers to your other questions depend on how that goes. Naturally, we can’t talk about the details.

  • blaklite
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    As a complete novice the whole idea sounds amazing. Given the recent shift(s) in focus towards more hardware based startups, I really do hope you manage to maintain your vision and identity while looking for further funding, hopefully maintaining your obvious passion for the project.
    Please let this be allowed to flourish (or fail) on it’s merits, rather than at the whim of short term fiscal whims.

    Wishing everyone the best for a stronger 2023 and beyond.


  • DeepBlue
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    How about a QEMU model plug-in?

    • Ivan Godard
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      QEMU is one of the many things on our wish list that are waiting for our conversion from the bootstrap business model. The interpreter will be non-trivial; it’s not set up for wide ISAs and interleaved execution.

  • DeepBlue
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    It does not sound plausible, let alone reasonable, that a
    Mill plug-in for QEMU could require a prohibitive level of
    effort. IMHO this is a junior year CS semester project for
    one person. It is quite likely one or more of Mill’s many
    fans would be happy to volunteer.

    The argument QEMU is not “set up” for wide ISAs sounds
    questionable. First, QEMU is open source and appopriate
    support can be added if and where missing. Second, QEMU
    has already been used to model and simulate wide ISAs
    and interleaved execution by various projects in the
    computer industry. One wonders why the Mill project
    did not start with a QEMU emulator. It would have
    saved time and effort versus building a complete
    simulation environment from scratch.

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