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  • gaby_64
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    Sounds like in some cases it needs less silicone but for some of its more complicated features it may require more silicone.

    Is it known if its hardware feature efficient.

    wouldn’t be good if a core implementation was 10x bigger then an equivalent haswell core. Otherwise more performance gain can be claimed by the architectural design.

  • Ivan Godard
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    Different efficiencies for different parts. vs. Haswell:
    functional units: the same
    caches: the double I$1 makes mill a bit bigger there, but same elsewhere for equal cache sizes;
    belt/bypass: same for equal numbers of pipelines
    decode: Mill much smaller for equal issue rate
    read/write buffers: don’t exist on Mill.
    rename and general registers: don’t exist on a Mill.
    prediction: unclear because approach taken is so different; wild guess: equal area consumed, Mill advantage taken as better miss rate rather than reduced area
    controller: equal for eqaual memory organization
    coherence: Mill much smaller
    spiller: does not exist on Haswell

    Wild guess: for equal performance, process and clock a Mill core will be 4x smaller than Haswell, while the caches and controller will be the same size.

  • gaby_64
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    sounds like we need to get the mill fabed as soon as possible, its a waste of energy, silicone and consumer money not to have this technology now.

    mobile is where computing is going, i would donate to the cause of getting a chip that would target next generation Qualcomm snapdragon (MSM8994) feature-set with the expected x10 performance and potential reduced power usage.

    you dont need kickstarter for crowdsource funding, just put up a bitcoin address

    • Ivan Godard
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      I wish! 🙂

      We are not comfortable with simply asking for donations. If the Mill gets anywhere it will be big, and those of us who are or become shareholders will do well. Meanwhile the donors get nothing. That seems unfair; we don’t want to be an Oculus Rift.

      On a Kickstarter you offer rewards in exchange for donations, i.e. make pre-sales. That works fairly well for a CD, even a movie, but we are still a long way and much money from having a product we can ship as a reward. Also, how many donors would actually want a chip, without board and box and …?

      So about all we have to offer is stock or other interest in our future. However, there are rather severe rules around offering interests, rules that on the whole I’m glad are there, even though they do bite. Among those rules is that we can’t solicit people to invest; people who want to invest have to come to us (and at the top left you’ll see a sign-up place so we can let them know when and if the opportunity arises).

      We appreciate your enthusiasm – do go tell your friends, one and all, especially those that are bazillionaires – but heavy semi, which the Mill is, is neither fast nor cheap.

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      • gaby_64
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        promised reward does not necessarily need to be legally tied, you could just say that potentially in the future, it will be decided based on success how many x shares will be given for each bitcoin donated. the donation data will be forever in the bitcoin blockchain where you will be able to programmatically assign shares or dividends to donor addresses.

        personally id be more then enough happy to have more performance sooner and get mores law back on track.

        technological progress is not linear, putting off progress is not x years loss in potential gain in advances, its exponential.

        im not a whale, i cant invest via the official and standard route. but a whole lot of small fish can make a significant impact. bitcoin is full of tech geeks, we understand that better/cheaper tech for everyone is better/cheaper tech for ourselves.

        also there is the potential for allot of media attention if Mill Computing gets involved with bitcoin, you can be sure the community will take opportunity to try and gain from the success they give you, successful funding of major tech advancement would be something nice to add to Bitcoins track-record.

        also maybe consider getting in contact with Canonical, they would benefit greatly also for their ubuntu phone project.

        • Ivan Godard
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          The SEC would be all over us 🙁


          • gaby_64
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            im sure there are ways to get around that.

            the bitcoin community is international, i dont see why you wouldn’t want to try and pursue this option. a bunch of company’s raise capital through bitcoin with arbitrary promises and business plans never having to go jump through legal hoops.
            check out

            all you have to do is layout a plan forward that would most benefit the widest amount of people, a low power soc that can be used on laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Ubiquitous computing is the future, you only need 1 good implementation to serve the majority of needs for consumers.

            People will carry around a single system that will provide the compute capability for all their devices and they wont need to upgrade as much anymore because we will reach a point where normal consumers have enough compute capability, i think the the Mill of 2015 can be that point.

            ASICs and DSPs will fill the gap for intensive computing and we might even start seeing FPGA’s on consumer devices usable in the same way you can use a GPU to accelerate computing for certain applications. Qualcomm now make the DSP on its soc available to be used by third-party applications.

            Decentralization will bring the cloud down to earth, servers are not going to be needed as much with p2p applications.

            I think the intel era is coming to an end, so i dont see their business model as good model to follow, even if they have a good profit record.

            just my opinion, i could be wrong, the NSA do need their servers and maybe consumers will want the compute capability’s to have their own strong AI’s.

          • Wolke
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            >Decentralization will bring the cloud down to earth

            Fog Computing: As nebulous as Cloud Computing but closer to the customer


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