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    To give context for this post:

    – The last Youtube video on the Mill channel is from 2017.
    – Arguably, the last video introducing new concepts and not expanding on previous videos is from 2015.
    – The last patent filed is from 2018.
    – In the 2017 videos, you mention starting a funding round for an FPGA implementation. However, since then, there has been no update of how that round went, whether there has been any progress on the FPGA implementation, etc.

    Now, I get that the Mill is a large-scale engineering project, that it requires lots of non-trivial work, and that its primary purpose right now isn’t to generate hype.

    But it still seems to me that it would be in the best interest of the project to maintain some level of interest, especially when it comes to bringing investors. Right now the consensus on tech forums seems to be that the project is dead. The fact it hasn’t published news in the last 4 years doesn’t help.

    Besides, if the intent from the beginning was to not update regularly, it seems odd to have three different subforums dedicated to announcements (“Events”, “In the press”, “Our announcements”). The fact that these three subforums exist (and are linked to from the big “News” link in the website header) but have been completely abandoned for three years communicates that the team initially intended to give regular updates, but has been avoiding progress reports for lack of progress.

    Hence my question: Is the Mill project stalled? Is there any progress on the FPGA implementation? Or should people just forget about the project for the coming years?

  • Ivan Godard
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    Mill is not stalled, but is nowhere where we hoped and intended it to be.

    By the end of 2018 we had reached the natural point in development for a transition from a small-team invent-and-design effort to a large-team implementation effort. But we only had a small team; the transaction would require a massive new funding round and a pretty thorough reorganization from a sweat-equity basis to a conventional salaried structure with actual management.

    We targeted that transition to March 2020, and took some preliminary steps (like closing subscriptions for our Convertible Notes) in late 2019. Our timing was exquisitely awful; you know what happened in spring 2020.

    We expect to try the transition this year.

  • emrainey
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    Looking forward to seeing more success come to the project! It’s long fought and well earned!

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