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    Is there anything I can read about multicores? I specific was wondering if there’s any way they communicate with eachother?

    Specifically I was wondering about consumer/producer threads. IIRC the mills don’t do more than one thread on a core because it’s less efficient? Anyway I’d want a producer thread to write pointer(s) to a cache line (64bytes?) then say hey this is up for grabs to any core who wants this. Or maybe assign it to a core which then can query if that memory address is owned by it without causing memory contention or copying memory that isn’t ready

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  • Ivan Godard
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    Google is your friend πŸ™‚

    Try threading, multithread, multicore, cache coherence… as starting keys at Wikipedia.

  • Findecanor
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    Earlier posts about some of the things you mention:
    “We don’t do SMT.”.
    I think it has also been said as an answer at a Q&A session after a talk (?) that all multi-core Mills will be single-chip designs sharing the same cache.

    Synchronisation primitives (such as those used for buffers for producer/consumer threads) are notoriously difficult to make right. As on any platform, those would be best left to the guys writing standard libraries I think.
    A little has been said about synchronisation on The Mill though:
    multi-cpu memory model

    How to schedule communicating threads and when to move threads between cores is a question for operating system designers, I think. I would be surprised if that is significantly different on the Mill than on any other architecture.

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    • Ivan Godard
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      You are right that such things are questions for the OS designers. As we are doing a reference kernel, that includes us πŸ™‚

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