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  • MoraFermi
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    The Mill seems to be ideally suited for storage processor tasks, from simple NAS boxes to high end SAN devices. Today’s storage – even “simple” consumer hard drives – use surprisingly powerful controllers, often multi-core 32bit ARM or MIPS designs with clock rates in above-gigahertz range.

    I’m curious if you are planning to enter this market; the ease with which the Mill handles function calls and interrupts seems to me like a real major advantage over classic designs in this space.

  • Ivan Godard
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    The Mill is intended to be general purpose, and that certainly includes I/O- and device-heavy applications. The talks to date haven’t talked much about such application, but there are several important features that would be very applicable to those applications.

    That said, we would be the chips, not the solutions vendor. There’s a whole lot of expertise that goes into making those boxes, expertise that we don’t have. But we hope to win a few design-ins in the area.

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