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    The rules are changing.

    It’s not clear what the new rules will – eventually – become. “Eventually” may be a long time and many changes in the coming.

    Mill Computing is a distributed and largely virtual company with people from, and residing in, countries all over the world. Many are not from where they currently reside. The company will continue its legacy approach to nationality: neither nationality nor country of residence has been or will be a factor in recruiting, hiring or retention by the company. The company has not and will not make relocation between countries a condition of employment. Any Mill people of any nationality who relocate internationally, either into or out of the US or between other countries, will retain their relationship with the company. Your place will go with you and will continue wherever you go.

    For now it appears that US companies may continue to employ non-US nationals located outside the US. Should this change, we expect to form remote national subsidiaries and transfer the formal employment of the affected people to the subsidiary; conditions of employment will not change with the transfer of nominal employer.

    For some time US companies have been prohibited from doing business in and with certain designated countries without obtaining government exemption. The company policy is to welcome applicants from any country, but as it happens we have never had an applicant from a sanctioned country. The rules pertaining to such countries are likely to be very fluid; we will deal with the rules then in effect when and if the situation arises.

    Please contact me personally with questions, or for help if needed.

    Ivan Godard

    Mill Computing, Inc.

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