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David McCammond-Watts
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Thanks for the explanations. That makes a lot of sense. Just to make sure I have this right: if you have a “mul-call” instruction followed by an “add” then the mul will complete during the called function (presuming it’s more than a couple of cycles) before the add is issued. Even though the mul ends up being computed before the add (because the mul’s result will show up in an output buffer during the cycles of the called function) it will show up in the callers belt at the appropriate time (via naming) *after* the add. The mul’s result might get saved and restored by the spiller if the called function is of sufficient length (or itself calls functions that are of sufficient, length, etc.) but that is all transparent to the software. An interrupt is handled essentially the same (via result replay). Honestly, that sound pretty straight forward, given the alternatives. Let me know if that’s not correct.

I’m curious to see how exceptions play into all of this. I know I’ll have to wait a while, but that must be an interesting story to tell.

In any event, thanks, again!