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Ivan Godard
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Your example seems contrived to me. No protection system is immune to error, just like none is immune to pretty spies; you might as well propose an example in which a bug causes the secret holder posts the secret on slashdot if the password is 123456789 🙂

The question is whether ASLR adds anything useful and worth the nuisance. Or does it merely provide enough hocus-pocus that it can be successfully sold as a protection device. IMO, it’s only hocus-pocus when in well-structured protection environments. More, I consider it to be actually dangerous because it invites ignorant use leading to a false sense of security, which does nothing but help the exploiters.

I don’t think it’s evil; if it were already present on a system of mine then I would enable it. But I wouldn’t feel any more secure, and I wouldn’t put off restructuring the code.

Clearly your mileage varies, so we’ll have to leave it at that.