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If you give me a sequence of 30 Sparc instructions like that shown in slide 26, I can
execute them all in one cycle. There is nothing about a belt or phasing that cannot be
done in an implementation of an existing an ISA, such as Sparc. Your compiler is the key
to your performance advantage.

My unsolicited ( & probably unwelcome ) suggestion is
1. Use the open source Sparc compiler & RTL as a base to implement your key ideas. You can even extend the ISA with your favorite instructions.

2. Demonstrate performance advantage with some existing Sparc code. Limitations are acceptable.

If you can do this, Oracle will fund you & also buy you out once you finish the whole
thing. So your funding & exit considerations are all taken care of.

Nobody cares about an extra 100K or even 500K gates. It’s a non issue. If your compiler
can extract large ILP from loops, slide 26, then concurrent execution can be done. There
is no gate count limit & gates are blazingly fast now days.