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Sometime gods must become humans, I imagine that must be very tiring to them, speaking to lowly creatures 🙂

So thank you. It is a pleasure seeing your work. I would prefer to be an investor! 😉

Indeed I have not had the opportunity to assist all videos in detail, I reside in a low-bandwidth part of the world.

> You separately mention the possibility of passing arguments as addresses after the call operation.

Actually I did not think of them as addresses, just as offsets or literals (of which an additional return address could be one). Addresses could be passed, but that would very quickly run into the mismatch well exemplified with the problems this gives in the context of a Harvard architecture.

> We are a long way from the Z80 🙂

I know you are. This is an earthquake. The result of a life of dedication. Beautiful. How long do you think it will take before hackers can have /their/ $10 Mill uC?