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This is one heck of a post. However, there appears to be a minor issue in one paragraph that needs to be fixed, though I’m not 100% of the details of how it should be fixed:
Under “Instructions and Pipelines” this appears wrong:

“Different pipelines have different mixes of FUs available, and the number of pipelines and their FU mix is Mill -model specific. There may be 4 or 8 integer pipelines and 2 or 4 floating point pipelines, for example. There are pipelines that handle flow control and pipelines that handle load and saves. In a mid-range Mill “Gold” CPU there are 33 pipelines of which 8 are integer and 2 are floating-point; the Mill Gold CPU can issue 33 operations per cycle, sustained:”

Unless I’m mistaken, the Gold isn’t mid-range: this is the most detailed information that’s been specified about the pipelines, so I can’t state how correct that is.

If there are other mistakes in all of this, I’m not able to spot it with the information I feel I have/understand. All considering, that’s a minor issue 🙂