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What other rotating register file architectures are you aware of?

I think the most famous example would be Itanium, which can be configured to rotate a section of its register file in inner loops. It allows a loop to function in some ways like an unrolled loop without actually having to be unrolled.

The AMD 29K is also well-known, although rotation is used for a different purpose: as a way to implement register windows in the calling convention.

As far as I know, there are no academic papers concerning the Mill, … As such, there is nothing to really cite

Something doesn’t necessarily have to be an academic paper itself to be cited in an academic paper. The important property is that the citation gives you enough information that you could retrieve your own copy of it, and count on it being identical to what is cited in the paper.

If you’d want something formal to cite in this case, you could very well choose the patent.

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