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i can reassure you. we had the meetings and the signatures all done remotely, because it was in the height of the pandemic or at a time where no one knew exactly what was going on. in the meantime i’ve been vaccinated, but even now the board meetings are all remote. but that will certainly adjust a little again soon 🙂

as i said, i think the idea is really great, however i’m starting to get a little worried that the competition in the fast lane, with much worse implementations, will race past the mill and it will lose its usp. processors like the prodigy and the huge community of risc-v are making very big strides forward with their traditional implementations on both important kpi’s performance/transistor and performance/power, which will make funding more difficult.
i would find it extremely unfortunate if this really good new approach were to disappear into a drawer as a result….

so get to the computer and present the pitch deck at the vc’s! 😉