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maybe i should visit here more often 😉
i work in berlin as an interim cto and i have accompanied companies in their series a or b in the last two years. i have dealt with vc’s of the size of lightspeed, and of course talked to them a lot about pandemic. all vc’s had a lot to do in the beginning of 2020 to quickly clean up their portfolio. from mid 2020 on, however, business continued as normal, and tech companies were never out of focus. at least that is what i had heard several times from the vc’s, and also experienced myself.
so i understand that the processes of one’s own company have to be adjusted first in the pandemic which didn’t simplify the cooperation, but a good team, good founders, a good idea and a good pitch deck provided you can find a vc. i’m not saying it’s easy to contact 100+ vc’s, but def. possible 🙂

I find the idea and almost all approaches terrific!
however, i would have rather chosen the risc-v approach and won a large community for this great idea and then monetized the implementation.
but i respect and admire your persistence!