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Ivan Godard
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@Madis Kalme:
Crysis is a fair comparison 🙂 Benchmarks are no substitute for real use.

This is a real problem for the Mill: we can measure micro-benchmarks by counting cycles in the sim. But much of the gain from the Mill comes at system level, and especially on heavy load, things like implicit zero and very cheap system calls and task switches. The biggest incompatibility though is in RAS – the Mill architecture is immune to many exploits and cheaply defends against others – but how do you benchmark security?

Mill can of course do mining, but it is a poor choice for that. It’s a general purpose CPU and mining is a heavy enough load that it needs a special-purpose architecture (matrix multiply, especially) that’s dedicated to the application to be economically competitive. A GPU or similar architecture will always out-perform a general purpose CPU for such things, Mill included.