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Witold Baryluk
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Hi Ivan.

Thank you for quick and detailed elaboration!

That is really fascinating, and interesting approach. Definitively ultimately better, but harder to implement. Having it in abstract ISA, and then defer to software emulation in cAsm or via traps, as you said is definitively interesting and better long term option. I do agree with all what you have said really, but I don’t know how common are these things in real code to determine if it is worth doing as optimal as possible. But it looks you are pretty close, and by having this in ISA, you actual open many interesting new options in language and compiler design.

The NYF part is definitively interesting to learn one day. I have trouble imagining how one would implement this in this scheme, but I didn’t think long enough about it yet 😀


PS. I hope you and the team are doing fine, and there are no major roadblocks beyond time. Hope to hear some updates or talks in 2021.