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I don’t see advantages of using WASM on the server/desktop for anything but C/C++ code though, but the Rust community seems to also have adopted it for some reason… Maybe just hype?

The Rust community jumped in early on in WASM’s development in creating tooling and support libraries. From what I understand, some of the prominent tools that also support C/C++ were first developed by Rust teams. It was seen as a growth niche that didn’t really have a dominant language yet, unlike most other areas Rust excels at where there are strong incumbent languages.

From what I’ve seen, there are some pretty nice browser frameworks that are in the works for Rust WASM. On the desktop, I would expect the first uses to come with speeding up critical portions of Electron-based applications. For server software in general, WASI seems to developed with both C and Rust as primary targets to keep in mind.

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