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There isn’t any conform op any more; the functionality was moved to branch ops so a taken branch can rearrange the belt to match the destination.

Recently, I have been comparing different other ISA’s calling conventions and how they assign function arguments to registers. Arguments are not necessarily specified in the order (or reverse order) of urgency, so for register-based ISA’s it will not necessarily be the arguments that best need to be in registers that get assigned to them.
And in the case of the Mill’s belt, it will also not necessarily be arguments with longer life-times that get assigned to the first belt positions, furthest away from the precipice.

That got me thinking… Before removing the conform op, had you considered putting the conform op at the top of a function body to reduce the probability of having to spill/fill arguments further down?
I’m thinking that something equivalent to that could also be achieved by reordering arguments during the link-time optimisation pass right before specialisation, but of course for module-private/non-referenced functions only.