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me again 🙂
i check in here every few months to see how the mill is developing. i find the ideas and approaches to challenge every aspect of cpu design long overdue, and have not felt present since transputer, itanium or transmeta. i think the world again needs this courage to not always follow the same or very similar path as seen in thousands of scientific papers on cpu design. that’s why i accompanied all talks with admiration, and i really enjoy being on the wiki because it’s always very inspiring 4 me.
however, in the last 2 1/2 years it has become very quiet and i could imagine that the fanbase starts to erode if i generalize my motivation.
ivan, i find it very informative when you answer triggered, which makes my flame of hope blaze 😉
we ourselves just went through a pandemic with a series b in a similar size, and know how hard it is to get vc money, but it was possible.
so i wanted to ask you if it wouldn’t be a good idea to make a virtual talk about the challenges and progress of the last 2 years. not so much a special technical talk, but more a general talk about the company itself?