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Joe Taber
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Too bad there is no preview option before posting. The code button in the edit bar surrounds selected text with backticks (same key as ~), but I don’t know if it works on multiple lines. Lets see how bad wordpress butchers this:

(this is a test)
(on three)
(separate lines)

I find it interesting you mentioned that we have to pick a mill member. Is there no way to write directly in the intermediate language that gets translated by the Specializer? Or is that what you just did and the IL code is just written for a hypothetical mill member with unlimited slots and belt?

Is there a reference for all the instructions?

It seems like it would be easier to tag an instruction and refer to its outputs by tag (and index if multiple outputs) instead of by belt number. The tags should be trivially converted to belt numbers during translation, but be much easier to program in, especially for hand-coded assembly like this.