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The problem is congruence over control flow.

I’m sad I didn’t think of this before. I’l take note.

A maximal fast rescue on a Silver (fast belt 16) is 16*4 = 64 bits, which is easily encodable. Meanwhile a slow rescue on a 256-position space would need 256*8 = 2048 bits, which we can’t encode.

256 bytes stores 32 64-bit values (ignoring metadata), but do you need 256 positions? I would (naively) expect the slow belt to have the same number of entries as the main belt.

However, because the slow belt is populated by long-lived values that are going to be referenced many times during their lifetime, a slow belt would have a larger fill/spill (read/write) ratio than the fast belt

I does? I’m afraid I don’t follow.