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What my post was about:
I would like to see that The Mill should make it possible for an operating system to make access to performance counters be privileged to the operating system, and/or that care should be taken about what it is exactly that performance counters in user-mode does measure.

The concern is about security. CPU cycle counters are often used for side-channel attacks to find out what another process does: measuring its own portion of total CPU usage to find out the target process’ CPU-usage (“timing attack”) or measuring the time of memory accesses to find out which addresses the other process had loaded into cache. (“Cache attack”) Cache side-channels are maybe best known to be a major part of Spectre and Meltdown (The second phase: the “exfiltration” part. While the first phase of Spectre and Meltdown are not possible on the Mill because the CPU does not execute instructions speculatively there are many other types of side-channels attacks that don’t rely on speculative execution.) Some attacks target password prompts. Other target encryption algorithms, reducing the search space for cracking encryption keys.
Access to CPU cycle counters are privileged instructions on ARM but in user-mode on x86. Therefore many attacks are easier to conduct on x86 and harder or even impossible on ARM.

I do realise that the issue is not easy.
I know first hand from working with video compression that there are many cases where the performance of your code depends on the data cache, and where you therefore really want to be able to measure how changes to the memory layout affects caching performance.