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Witold Baryluk
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Thanks again Veedrac. I will read on branch belt reordering, (I am already reading on conform and rescue). I am guessing it is very similar to what call with multiple arguments and “new belt” is doing, but without actually creating new frame, but instead dropping multiple new things on the belt during branch (when taken).

Thanks for the eql hint. I am just free styling most of this code, as I didn’t really go deep into wiki, because I wanted more conceptual ideas first clarified. 🙂

As for the phasing and ganging, I am still eluded by exact semantic, but I will do check a wiki and talks again!

As for the rd, immediate constants can be done with con. rd looks like a good choice for quick copying belt values (more compact than or, and works with vectors / floating points values on belt).

Still not sure, why rd has ability to read from scratchpad, because fill does the same apparently. One is called “extended” scratchpad tho, so maybe rd on scratchpad is just for debugging, and thread state saving, without touching spilled stuff.