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Thanks for the extra information. I’m still a little uncertain of some details (apologies because I’m woefully ignorant about many facets of your ISA).

brtrs(b0 %434, "printf$17_75", b5 %51) ^0,
brs("printf$17_75", b2 %399) ^0,

For these forms of branch instructions, what happens to the last argument, i.e. the belt positions? It seems like the values of b5/b2 are moved/copied to b0 before the branch is retired. Is this correct?

If so, I’m still a little puzzled by the example in the original diagram. Let’s say that that EBB-A produces exactly 10 values and pushed onto The Belt positions 0-9 then later EBB-C consumes all of these values. If EBB-B produces exactly one value and pushes it onto The Belt at position 0, then the 10 values produced in EBB-A will subsequently be moved to positions 1-10. The question is: how does EBB-C know where to find the values it needs? Are they in positions 0-9 or 1-10? This seems very complicated without spatial addressing. Could you perhaps elaborate a little on how you would resolve this particular scenario?