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Dear Mill-Team,

First of all, congratulations on what you are doing and achieved so far. Finally, there is some group of individuals innovating in the field of CPU architectures. Starting from scratch, a clean slate, without the relics from past was a long-awaited necessity to drive this industry forward.
As being a long-term investment and very different to software-projects, as you also pointed out, generating funds can be problematic and challenging, that’s why I wanted to suggest trying to jump onto the currently popular crowd-funding possibility: ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Maybe you are already aware of it. Mostly used for technology and projects related to the crypto-space, there is no reason why it could not be successfully used for hardware-related projects outside of the crypto-space. Your project could be a game-changer in many areas, and I’m sure there is much interest in it. By creating a Mill-Token (a utility token), people can also buy products with this token and participate in the success of the company (although it’s not like a share in the company).
Previous projects, which were running an ICO, where able to earn from 1 million USD up to 50 million USD, so there is a high probability to reach your needed funds to bring your visionary project to life!

I added a link regarding ICO and hardware, in case you are not familiar with it, which could be interesting for you.