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I have thought avionics could be an application for Mill processors. Depending upon the customer, this could be an early application – especially if the customer has money and is patient (likely due to desperation), and is therefore willing to pay NRE charges up front for both the logic implementation and the circuit implementation.

That said, there are a number of hurdles to overcome with such an application:

  1. Regulatory. Avionics is generally considered life-critical electronics, and is justifiably heavily regulated. Having worked in the aerospace electronics industry, I am very familiar with the types regulatory barriers to entry, even though my experience is from decades ago.
  2. Bleeding edge technology outside of Mill Computing’s main domain of expertise. The technologies you talk about concerning different memory types, packaging, radiation hardening, lightning strike hardening, crash survival hardening, unusual packaging thermal design, and others that you do not mention all fall more in the design space of an avionics systems house. I know from work experience that these technologies, while not insurmountable, are definitely not trivial either.
  3. Accomplishing the IP licensing needed.
  4. Getting potential customer avionics houses interested in Mill Computing.

So in short, yes – such ideas are feasible (for some value of feasible) as an application for a Mill architecture processor core. Whether it is the ideal initial market for the Mill will depend on a suitable strategic partner being willing to help make that happen. Do you know of any potential strategic partners in that space?