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Nah, man, conAsm is awesome (says they guy that’s written ~20 lines total). I know exactly where everything is and where it will be, and I can see exactly what resources are available to make it happen. Much nicer than doing the same thing to an OoO core.

The wiki says returns with values can only go in slots F0, F1 and F2, and I’ve used those all in the second instruction, so I don’t see how I could avoid using pick. Actually, I’m tempted to say it’s the other way around: I have a pick slot I didn’t use, so I’m wasting resources!

I like how this lets you treat the problem as a resource optimization problem, with the ability to move parts from an overburdened phase to another without playing guessing games with the hardware. Pick was an example, but I can think of a lot, like speculating more when there’s spare capacity. Writing an optimizer for this sounds like a ton of fun, but I’m pretty sure my employer wouldn’t want me helping the competition ;).