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OK, so I won’t attempt account creation nor authorization using twitter, facebook, etc. Good to know what people think about those – I thought it might be more convenient and had seen it done on other blogs I frequent. I am multiple password weary, even though I know it is important to separate passwords for different classes of login security importance – and I do that personally.

Right now the path of least resistance that WordPress offered was registration with the auto-generation of a password that is emailed back to the registrant. That is how the site is setup now. This is a conservative approach that definitely would try the patience of a potential comment spammer. Unfortunately it may also test the patience of a desirable commenter.

I will look into possible improvements to the registration process. I have not implemented Captcha on the registration process – I have seen a number of comments about it being too easy to defeat. That said, big players like Google use Captcha, so perhaps it has usefulness that is not obvious to its detractors. Helpful it may be, a panacea it is likely not.

I don’t know of a non-browser use case for this forum. I have been trying both the forum and the site in general on an Android smart phone using the Chrome browser on the phone. It seems to work pretty well, and I have been happy with the legibility of the site without resorting to magnification. The theme used does hide the upper bar menu items in what to me is a less-than-obvious icon in the upper right when viewed on the smart phone. Other than that I like the smart phone rendering.