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In the (a-(b+c)) & ((b+c)*d) example ‘sub’ was issued on cycle 2 while ‘mul’ was issued on cycle 4. Would it be possible to issue both ‘sub’ and ‘mul’ on cycle 4, since both inputs to ‘sub’ should already be available?

If so, is there an advantage to issuing instructions late as opposed to issuing them as soon as their arguments are available? In this particular case one could, at least na├»vely, think that larger part of the logic could have been clock gated on cycles 3 and 2, possibly leading to power savings if ‘sub’ and ‘mul’ would have been issued together.

Furthermore, wouldn’t the ‘load’ example work automatically without need for special cases if all instructions (including loads) would be issued early (i.e., as soon as their inputs are available)?