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Its possible that the lock-in of legacy proprietary apps is no longer the barrier to new ISAs that it used to be? The next generation of OS are being built around running a browser and nothing else (Chrome OS, Firefox OS etc). The other day I tried to run an old program on the latest version of Windows and it wouldn’t run, and I had to resort to running it in Wine on Linux (where it was quiet happy!).

That aside, business is not my forte so lets keep things technical 🙂 Binary translation e.g. McSema from x86-64 to LLVM IR would then allow the code to be optimized and targeted by the Mill LLVM IR. For on-the-fly emulation of individual programs running in the host environment you could imagine something more like the hot translation that Valgrind does. But to emulate a whole OS (memory management and all) likely needs a conventional VM approach.