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Ivan et all at Millcomputing,

No promises, but I can take a stab at emulating integer division, probably unsigned to start out. In order to do that, I’ll need a clear definition of exactly what the rdivu operation calculates, including width(s) and any constant of proportionality.

I find examples very helpful to understand key details. For simplicity, let’s start with uint8 as the size of the input numerator and denominator. Would you kindly post what rdivu(x) returns for, respectively: 0, 1, 63, 64, 127, 128, and 255?

(I’ve got an idea what I’d like rdiv to return, but I don’t want to mis-assume — nor do I know ALUish hardware well enough to guess what’s fast and cheap to implement as a native op.) Far better to start with what rdivu really does.

Also, what should integer division (OK divrem) on the Mill return for quotient and remainder when given a zero divisor? NaRs?