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Will, Ivan, et al:

Could you (if the IP issues permit) give us any more detail on the LLVM-for-Mill port and its status? In at least one of Ivan’s presentations, Ivan indicated that “major surgery” was needed to make LLVM compile Mill code, because LLVM assumed a register-machine target, which the Mill is not. Will’s statement seems to say the port is well in hand, but says nothing about how or what you had to change to accomplish that. If that “major surgery” succeeded (or was handled in another way), telling the community of that significant success would IMHO help community confidence and probably ditto for prospective investors.

Of course, a talk on the toolchain — preferably including a demo of the compiler, specializer and simulator — would be fantastic! — though I know you guys are very busy. IMHO, the only thing better would be an alpha release of the toolchain and simulator! Please, tell us what you safely can, as soon as you can.