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Ivan wrote:

We did decide that we would release, and support, alpha-level tooling on a “use at your own risk” basis. A minority felt that we should wait for commercial-grade for fear that alpha-grade would forever paint us with “broken and unusable”, but the majority felt that we should not try to hide our rough-shod nature.

I’m glad that some Mill software will be released in some fashion before reaching commercial grade. I’m happy to support any NDA or other terms/guidelines to make such an alpha-grade release help — rather than hinder — bringing the Mill architecture to market.

It seems that the genAsm assembler, specializer and a corresponding Mill simulator would be the first pieces of the toolchain available. So my focus is more focused on what we can do with those tools. Forth (or an interpreted language in that vein) seems doable with that partial Mill toolchain. I don’t know enough about functional languages, though this discussion has made me learn a little about them.