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Ivan Godard
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We talked a bit at our Tuesday meeting about how best to support such independent efforts and projects. We concluded that the Forum here was the right venue for discussions; the Wiki is more for canon, official documentation of the Mill and our products, but would be appropriate for such an effort when it moved from being a discussion subject to an actual facility with users of its own. For the source code, when an effort got that far, github seemed right; putting it on our SCS ran risks of mutual IP pollution.

As for tooling and its ETA – I wish I knew, but our resource base is still so small that real scheduling is impossible. We did decide that we would release, and support, alpha-level tooling on a “use at your own risk” basis. A minority felt that we should wait for commercial-grade for fear that alpha-grade would forever paint us with “broken and unusable”, but the majority felt that we should not try to hide our rough-shod nature.

Please be patient.