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Ivan Godard
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Sorry I wasn’t clear. I was not complaining at all, just looking ahead, assuming wild success of your project, and wondering how best we could support such Mill-related but non-product projects. I agree with your choice that here in the forum seems to be a good starting place, but the sequential-post style of the forum doesn’t seem best for a shared development effort for such projects if they take off. And we wouldn’t move it into our company product development environment, because we won’t be inventing new languages as products. So, assuming success, where should those working on a volunteer and unofficial but Mill related project do their work and communicate?

Now that I’ve thought about it for a while, the Wiki doesn’t seem quite right either – suitable for canon documentation perhaps, if the project reaches public release, but not really a good interchange medium for those working on such projects.

The source code (assuming it got that far) would be a natural fit for github. I’ll bring the question of the rest up at tonight’s general meeting.

Of course, all this is moot until such projects actually happen. But from your posting here, and various questions and comments from academia I’ve heard, it looks like they will happen sooner or later. Better to have some support plans at least thought about in advance.