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Neither decode0 nor decode 1 “produce” anything except whole or party decoded operations.

I was referring exactly to those decoded or partially decoded instructions, of course. So here the break down of what happens with one instruction by cycle after it was fetched, as I understand:

1 – In decode 0 stage readerPhase operations are at least partially decoded, right?

2 – Then on decode 1 the rest of the instruction is at least partially decoded, and the readerPhase operations must have ended decoding. Are some long latency registers already probed at this stage as an advanced readerPhase? Or all readPhase operations patiently waits the next cycle because the opPhase needs a stage to issue and/or the flow side const encoding only finishes decoding this cycle?

3 – Reader phase operations are executed. It is also the issue stage for opPhase (also called decode 2). By now every operation is probably fully decoded already, only waiting for their phase, right?

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