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Renesac’s questions lead me to ask two more:

1. Of the seven phases identified in the Wiki , which ones *require* a clock cycle vs. which ones do not? Based on Ivan’s most recent comment and the Wiki’s entry, my best guess is that pick, conform and transfer do not require, of themselves, another clock cycle. Ivan &Co. please correct me if I’ve mis-read things.

2. In the execution talk and in the Wiki under phasing, we have diagrams of the reader/op/writer phases happening in steady state — but only for that case. What I’d like is some explanation of what happens when adjacent instructions do not all use the same phases. In such cases, are there essentially bubbles in the pipeline?

IMHO, a diagram would be very good for illustrating this case and hopefully explaining how the Mill executes when adjacent instructions use different phases from one another.

Side note:
The presentation on instruction decoding presents details most relevant to the exu-side decoding — but the flow-side encoding is substantially different in terms of how the header info and blocks are used! So the Wiki entry (specifically the section titled “Flow Stream”) is good reading to understand what Ivan wrote about how and why the con operation is encoded as it is.

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