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Ok, since the EBNF wasn’t completely syntactically correct, I assumed it was just a straight hand-edited wiki page.

To quote Ivan, “Have you considered direct interpretation of genAsm?” 🙂

It sounds like the official system would specialize to conAsm, and the emulator would run a conAsm with useful cycle tracking and such for a particular Mill family member spec. I think there’d be some value in an externally sourced, straight genAsm interpreter (actually, given that I’m working in Lisp, I’d convert it to Lisp code to get native machine speed). Since it would ignore many CPU specifics, it might run faster and be able to iterate features quicker.

Basically, it would be for testing your genAsm conceptually, while genAsm->conAsm->CPU-emulator would test how a Mill runs your code.

Plus, wouldn’t a MillForth emulator be written in genAsm? Need to run that somewhere, and the official chain isn’t out yet. One without all the exacting details nailed down would be a good substrate for getting the basic design decisions implemented (assuming the genAsm VM is correct in what it runs).