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Transfers to and fall-throughs into a join carry data. The widths of the carried data is declared in the labelDef, and the count of carried operands must fit on the belt.


Would you kindly explain more about the data carried into joins? There are two things I’d like to better understand:

1. when listing/describing belt operands associated with a label, does one describe the entire belt contents, or just what all the branches to that label have added to the belt, with respect to some previous (TBD?) belt state? (Or something else entirely?)

2. If we’re writing genAsm code, then we don’t yet know the belt length — and ideally, we want this code to run correctly on any Mill, no matter its belt length. If the specializer is supposed to model an abstract Mill with an infinite belt in other (non-branch/label) contexts — e.g. by inserting fills and spills as needed — why is this seemingly-member-specific belt-length constraint exposed by genAsm branch labels? Have I misunderstood something?