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Ivan Godard
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Ivan, any projection on when you’ll be able to simulate code written in GenAsm internally? (Or is that working already?)

It is working already for a subset of the machine: all scalar and most vector operations, and simple control flow. Not working yet: memory, reduction vector operations, automatic vectorization, pipelining, self-tuning prediction, some random corners. Progress is being made, but I cannot promise a schedule.

I’d be interested in further discussion and possible collaboration. Feel free to email me at: ursine at (a large, free email service, hosted by g00gle.)

Feel free to start a topic section here. You also can (and should) use the new public Wiki for design and documentation.

I do not recommend any project written in conAsm. Any program longer than the three-line snippets used in the hardware verification (the intended use) is hopeless.

Have you considered direct interpretation of genAsm?