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Ivan Godard
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Perfect scheduling for any machine (or more generally for any set of resources and consumers) is known to be NP. You can detect when you have found a perfect schedule, but unless the best possible schedule is also a perfect schedule you cannot tell if you have the best schedule without exploring all other schedules. See A solver changes the representation of the problem but not the difficulty. Good heuristics is the goal, and in practice work fine.

Feasibility is guaranteed because it is evident in the degenerate case and the algorithm will reduce to the degenerate case if it does not find a feasible solution earlier. This does not mean that it always produces the degenerate case; in fact it never does. One of the problems with CS results is that they are good at determining the limits of an algorithm, but determining and proving average behavior is much harder 🙂

We don’t cache the scratchpad because deterministic latency is critical to its function. If varying latency were useful then we would use the memory cache and eliminate the scratchpad.