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an upcoming presentation on the abstract Mill, viewed as a virtual machine. If I recall, this was by somebody other than Ivan, possibly not an official Millcomputing person

I think you might mean Terje Mathisen’s talk “Are virtual machines the future?” at NNUG, Oslo, Norway on the 22nd September? Terje is absolutely an official Millcomputing person 🙂 Fortunately the talk was videoed.

Terje did another talk at Trondheim on the 21st October. This one was allegedly videoed too, but we haven’t seen the video yet.

Just last week Ivan gave a talk in Copenhagen, and this too was videoed – I was there and saw the cameras – but again we haven’t yet got our hands on the tapes yet.

Of course everyone is subscribed to the mailing list already right?

On the 21st November 2014 Terje Mathisen will be giving a Mill CPU talk at Vilnius, Lithuania. And on the 10th December I will be giving at talk in Tallinn, Estonia. There’s also likely a talk in December at Microsoft, Seattle provisionally compiler-themed.

So the year isn’t over yet! 😀

Re wiki, glad its being discovered and explored 🙂 Its very much an ongoing project and will grow.

PS Millcomputing folks. Please feel free to delete this post if I’ve mentioned things you’d rather not yet have on the forums. If so, my apologies.

LOL no fear 🙂

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