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Greetings all,

I seem to recall reading (months?) of an upcoming presentation on the abstract Mill, viewed as a virtual machine. If I recall, this was by somebody other than Ivan, possibly not an official Millcomputing person. (Please forgive me if I’m mis-remembering, my memory of what I read is hazy.)

Unvarnished opinion: The most popular VMs (e.g. those for Java) use a stack model, imposing a one-at-a-time execution model. I believe that the stack-based JVM is a main reason why Java performance isn’t so hot.

Does this ring a bell with anybody? If so, any pointers to an abstract, slides and/or video would be much appreciated.

Bye the way, the Wiki (although it’s pre-official-announcement-of-readiness) now has — when it’s up — some fascinating new-to-me info on, among other things:

* The instruction set,

* The Mill abstract assembler grammar (Interestingly IMHO, it exposes few Mill-ish aspects other than supported widths and gangs),

* More on instruction decoding,

* Two new phases, and

* More detail on the tin, copper, silver and gold cores, including more slot and FU details. (Note that these are almost certainly in flux.)


PS Millcomputing folks. Please feel free to delete this post if I’ve mentioned things you’d rather not yet have on the forums. If so, my apologies.